School of Health in Social Science

Postgraduate Research Programmes

The School of Health in Social Science offers Masters by Research (MScR), MPhil and PhD programmes. For those who are unable to come to campus to study, we also offer a PhD by Distance Programme.

With over 150 research students at the school, and six extremely active research centers that are leading the way in health in social science on the national and international stage, this makes for a stimulating environment for postgraduate research study and provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.   

Edinburgh's positon as one of the UK leading research universities has been reaffirmed by the results of the 2021 Research Excellence Framework. Clinical Psychology, together with Psychology, Neuroscience and Psychiatry (UOA04) was ranked 2nd in the UK for overall quality of its research. Staff from Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences and Nursing Studies contributed to the Social Work and Social Policy unit of Assessment, which was ranked 2nd in the UK for the quality and breadth of assessment. 


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Counselling, Pschotherapy and Applied Social Sciences 

Counselling Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences offer four Postgraduate Research programmes: PhD in Counselling Studies, MSc by Research in Counselling Studies, PhD in Health in Social Science and MSc by Research in Health Humanities and Arts 

Research Programmes


Clinical Psychology 

Clinical and Health Psychology offer two postgraduate Research Programmes: PhD in Clinical Psychology and MSc by Research in Clinical Psychology

Research Programmes


Nursing Studies

Nursing Studies offer two postgraduate research programmes: PhD in Nursing Studies and MSc by Research in Nursing Studies 

Research Programmes


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