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How should I do it?

Guidance on the different elements that ensure high quality intervention and evaluation (CoRES)

Facet 4: Collaborate/share expertise

Yellow background with circle and three people (heads and shoulders) connected
Collaborate & identify expertise, decide on shared values, outcomes & approaches

Facet 5: Research, adapt & develop

Orange background with circle and magnifying glass icon
Research, adapt & develop appropriate resources, delivery methods & assessment tools

Facet 6: Establish what is/is not working

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Establish what is/is not working well; make necessary adaptations/ refinements, & re-assess

Facet 7: Share findings, issues & challenges

Red background with circle and icon connecting five dots to a central one
Share findings & issues regarding future implementation; including challenges & things that have not worked

Self-evaluation templates

Four jigsaw pieces that fit together
Templates for supporting self-evaluation