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Information about the University of Edinburgh’s re-sit diet.


Re-sits are for students who have failed a course – they are not available for students who wish to improve their grade.

Visiting Students are eligible to re-sit any first or second year courses which they fail during the re-sit diet, which could take place in April/May or August.

Students will automatically be registered for a re-sit exam (if necessary) - there is no need to formally apply.

Students will not be individually notified of the re-sit date and location of re-sit exams and they must take accountability for checking the re-sit timetable on Student Administration's website and ensuring they are present for the exam.

Students on degree programmes at the University of Edinburgh are required to undertake re-sit assessments as necessary, in order to successfully progress through their studies and earn their degrees.

Although it is not compulsory for visiting students to undertake re-sits, since we do not award degrees to visiting students, it is essential that you check the expectations of your home university with regard to the credit they require you to earn during your time at Edinburgh. 

If your home university confirms that you do not need to take a re-sit at Edinburgh, you must discuss this with the School that teaches the course you have failed.

Student Administration

Visiting Students are entitled to request a re-sit for Honours level (third and fourth year) but approval is not guaranteed.

To request an honours re-sit, students should contact their Personal Tutor/their School/the Visiting Student Office as soon as they receive confirmation of their fail grade (below 40%).

There is no fee for reassessments.

Please see the following page for more information on the re-sit diet please see the Exam FAQs:

Timetabling and Examinations FAQ