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Introduction to Databases (INFR10080)







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Course Summary

Data is one of the most important assets of any enterprise and plays a central role in many aspects of everyday life, from healthcare, to education, to commerce. In order to be turned into meaningful information that enables and supports decision making, data must be stored, maintained, processed and analysed. Database management systems are complex software programs that allow their users to perform these tasks in an efficient and reliable way. This course is an introduction to the principles underlying the design and implementation of relational databases and database management systems.* This course replaces "Database Systems" (INFR10070) from academic year 2020/21. *

Course Description

Databases encompass many areas of Computer Science, from formal logic to programming languages, from operating systems to algorithms and data structures. This course will cover in detail the main language for relational databases, SQL, which is an international standard supported by virtually all systems on the market today. It will also cover the theoretical query languages on which SQL's core is based, namely relational algebra and relational calculus. Other important topics covered during the course include normal forms, transaction processing, concurrency control, incomplete data and rudiments of query optimization. Syllabus (core topics)- The relational model and rudiments of SQL- Query languages: relational algebra and calculus- Multisets, grouping and aggregation- Database design: constraints and normal forms- Advanced SQL: nested queries, triggers, null values- Transaction management: concurrent schedules, conflict-serializability, locking- Database access from applications: using SQL in a host programming language- Basics of indexing, query evaluation and optimisation Syllabus (advanced topics, if time allows)- Datalog and recursive queries- Incomplete data and certain answers

Assessment Information

Written Exam 80%, Coursework 20%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

80% exam20% coursework

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