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Biological Chemistry 2 (CHEM08030)







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Course Summary

A lecture course providing instruction in aspects of biological chemistry. A sound knowledge of chemistry is essential for understanding the structures, reactivities and interactions of biomolecules. The course comprises individual lecture series including biomolecular structure and chemistry, enzymes and biological catalysis, biosynthesis of natural products, the chemical biology of organic co-factors, and biological inorganic chemistry.

Course Description

The course consists of 30 lectures divided into five lecture modules outlined above. Each lecture module is geared to presenting the important basic principles (at a second year level) illustrating the relevance of these using typical examples. Each module course is followed by a tutorial/examples class session where problems arising from the content can be discussed. The laboratory course consists of five experiments which are designed to improve hands-on practical and analytical skills.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 70%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 30%

Additional Assessment Information

Written Examination (70%) + Practical (30%)

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