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Origins of competence: Cognitive Ability, Interests, and Conscientiousness (PSYL10158)







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Visiting students must be studying Psychology as their degree major, and have completed at least 3 Psychology courses at grade B or above. We will only consider University/College level courses. There are limited spaces available for visiting students on 3rd/4th year Psychology courses, so please email the CAHSS Visiting Student Office to request your preferred courses and students cannot be guaranteed enrolment on ANY Psychology courses (unless you are nominated to study with us on a Psychology exchange programme, including a Psychology-specific Erasmus exchange). **Please note that all Psychology courses are very high-demand, meaning that they have a very high number of students wishing to enrol in a very limited number of spaces.** Visiting students are advised to bear in mind that enrolment in specific courses can never be guaranteed, and you may need to be flexible in finding alternatives in case your preferred courses have no available space. These enrolments are managed strictly by the Visiting Student Office, in line with the quotas allocated by the department, and all enquiries to enrol in these courses must be made through the CAHSS Visiting Student Office. It is not appropriate for students to contact the department directly to request additional spaces. **This course cannot be taken alongside Psychology 2A or 2B**

Course Summary

This course provides an introduction to, and discussion of, research into the role played by individual difference characteristics in determining key socio-economic outcomes.

Course Description

The course will give an overview current research on personality, interests, and cognitive ability as causes of socio-economic competence and attainment. A primary focus will be on traits of conscientiousness and cognitive ability. The course will begin with documenting how these traits higher socioeconomic status. We will then examine the measurement of conscientiousness and of intelligence. This will be followed by research on factors claimed to increase these traits, including genetics and family environment, as well as interventions. The course will cover these topics over 10 weeks of lectures. The course will develop students skills at critical analysis and writing, as well as in depth content knowledge of the key data and theories in the field.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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