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Regional brief

Learn more about our European community, connections and partnerships by reading our regional brief (PDF).

Europe Regional brief 

European exchanges contacts

We have over 1,000 exchange links, including a huge range of European partners.

Signe Olander manages the European exchange programme.

Signe Olander

Deputy Head of Service, Study and Work Away

  • Study and Work Away
  • Edinburgh Global

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  • I am in charge of European exchange agreements and oversee outbound student mobility in this region. I am also responsible for Erasmus+ reporting, grant management, and external partner liaison.

Strategic partnerships

We remain committed to playing a strong role in European teaching, research and innovation collaborations in the post-Brexit era. Amongst our many European collaborations and alliances across research, we have developed a series of deeper bilateral partnerships to support our continued engagement.

  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Copenhagen
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Helsinki
  • KU Leuven
  • Leiden University

Read more about partnerships 

Una Europa

Eleven leading European research universities have come together to create a unique alliance – Una Europa. Our universities have been educating Europe for over 1,000 years. Together, we teach over 500,000 students and count almost 100,000 university staff among our network, with digital learners numbering in the millions. Una Europa aims to draw on our collective strengths to create a truly European inter-university environment, a University of the Future.

Una Europa


Over 15,000 University of Edinburgh alumni live and work across mainland Europe. The University has a number of active alumni groups that organise regular events throughout the year. 

Europe Alumni Community

University Centres

Dashkova Centre

The Centre's mission is to advance knowledge in the field of Russian language studies and to foster a broader understanding of Russia through research, academic training, and knowledge. 

Dashkova Centre

Edinburgh Europa Institute

The Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre devoted brings together world-class scholars to study the governance, institutions, law and policies of the European Union.

Edinburgh Europa Institute

Department of European Languages and Cultures (DELC)

This department is dedicated to the teaching of European languages, offering a very broad range including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Danish,  Swedish and Catalan. 


Regional Engagement Staff

The University of Edinburgh has a network of staff based in Edinburgh and overseas who support the University's strategic relationships in eight key regions, including Europe. Helen McMillan, based in Edinburgh, is Regional Director - Europe. Visit our 'Regional Engagement Staff' page to view the full team.

 Europe regional engagement staff

Helen McMillan

Regional Director Europe

  • Una Europa Senior Local Lead
  • Europe Regional Team
  • Edinburgh Global

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  • Based in Edinburgh, Helen is responsible for devising the University's regional plan for Europe. She works with colleagues across the University to co-ordinate European activities and engagement.