Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: Impact Report 2016-2023
Video: MCF Impact Report
Learnings and reflections gathered over the 7 years of Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Phase One.

Enabling accessible recruitment pathways.

“Being part of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for the past seven years has been an immense privilege for the University of Edinburgh. We have benefited from 240 scholars coming from 26 different African countries and studying in 13 of our Schools."

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Scholars' impact

"Their presence has enlivened and diversified our campus and our city, allowing people who have never had the opportunity to travel to the African continent to meet and learn from some of the young, capable and exciting people that the continent is producing." - Professor Peter Matheson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Edinburgh

Creating a sense of belonging.

Understanding, practising and embodying transformative leadership.

Enabling academic success.


Our thanks go to our current Mastercard Foundation Scholars and Alumni through whom we have learnt so much, been challenged and co-created an inclusive and diverse community, a transformative leadership curriculum and contributed to institutional change across the University of Edinburgh. Thank you to each one of you for showing up, speaking up, working hard, asking for help, and supporting each other. 

A conclusion to the report, acknowledgements and resources.

Leveraging networks for success.