Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Digital Education Practitioner Networks

A project creating practitioner networks and digital capacity building for higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Two African practitioners analysing a computer screen

As one of the three work packages for the overall University of Edinburgh Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, this project will create practitioner networks and digital capacity building for universities in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly for greater inclusion of those traditionally underrepresented in higher education: women, forcibly displaced populations, and those with disabilities.  

Building networks

Read more about the Digital Education Practitioner Networks:

Practitioner networks and digital inclusion for higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Digital Education Biographies

Meet some of our practitioners:

Alice Nakalembe

A portrait of Alice Nakalembe with MCF Phase 2 leaf branding behind her
Alice Nakalembe the Marketing Director of Bugema University.

Dr. Anying Irene Winnie

Green and yellow leaf patterns
Dr. Anying Irene Winnie is a Lecturer at Gulu University.

David Mpanga

Green and yellow leaf patterns
David Mpanga is a lecturer at Bugema University.

Felix Idraku

Green and yellow leaf patterns
Felix Idraku works as a Program Coordinator and Business Coach at Uganda Martyrs University.

Fred Kakooza

Fred Kakooza
Dr. Fred Kakooza is a Senior Lecturer of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University.

Marvin Ggaliwango

Ggaliwango Marvin
Ggaliwango Marvin is a Machine Learning Engineer at Makerere University.

Jennifer Namutebi

Portrait of Jennifer Namutebi with the MCF Phase 2 leaf branding in the background
Jennifer Namutebi is a Ugandan Psychologist and Consultant currently serving as a lecturer at Nkumba University School of Business and Information Technology.

Joseph Lwevuze

Portrait of Joseph Lwevuze with leaf backround MCF Phase 2 branding
Joseph Lwevuze is an E-learning Officer at Nkumba University and Cyber security expert Eight Tech respectively.

Lino Ika

Lino Ika
Lino Ika is a lecturer in governance, peace, and development at Uganda Martyrs University.

Sarah Bimbona

Sarah Bimbona
Dr Sarah Bimbona is a lecturer at Makerere University and Director of Makerere University entrepreneurship and outreach centre.

Stephen Ndawula

Green and yellow leaf patterns
Stephen Ndawula is a Senior Lecturer and a researcher in Educational Technology and Curriculum studies at Kyambogo University.

Veronica Namulondo

Veronica Namulondo
Veronica Namulondo is a lecturer of Curriculum Studies from the Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Educational Media at Kyambogo University.