School of GeoSciences

Experimental Geoscience Facility

Our Experimental Geoscience Facility is a suite of laboratories equipped to support experimental investigations of physical, chemical and coupled Earth processes.

Many novel developments in geosciences and biology require safe and routine access to 'large-volume' fluid, gas and solid medium pressure vessel systems which operate at high pressure and controlled temperature and gas speciation. Such systems require operation and maintenance in purpose-built, blast-proof environments by experienced personnel. 

Our laboratories serve as a core facility for a range of experimental investigations of chemical and physical processes from ambient temperature and pressure to that of deep Earth environments.  We have a team of dedicated researchers and staff providing expertise in experimental design and the development and operation of novel experimental equipment.

We support in-house research and provide preparation and experimental laboratories to support experimental geoscience research programs carried out by members of the geoscience community. 

Contact the Experimental Geoscience Facility

Contact details and information on access to the experimental geoscience laboratories for staff, students and visitors. The services provided are based on scientific collaboration and interaction with our facility's customers.

Experimental facilities and equipment

Our facility has several purpose-built laboratories for a range of experimental work. Find out more about our range of laboratories and equipment.