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Applied Geoscience Laboratory

This facility supports in-house research, with a suite of experimental equipment for research into the secure and sustainable utilisation of the subsurface for low carbon energy applications.

The UK 2008 Climate Change Act and the 2009 EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) initiated a transition to low carbon energy generation. This created geoenergy opportunities within applied geosciences for secure and sustainable utilisation of the subsurface for low carbon energy applications such as CO2 storage, geothermal energy and energy storage.

These new developments in utilising the subsurface for geoenergy applications require equipment that can recreate the in-situ conditions of temperature, pressure and geochemistry, and multiphase fluid flow for depths up to 4km.

The Applied Geoscience Laboratory was set up in 2009 for in-house research and provides the experimental facilities required to support research programs carried out by members of the geoscience community.

We welcome scientific collaboration and are always happy to discuss new projects and experimental designs.


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