The General Council

Candidates for next election

Information about the candidates for the next election in February 2023

The candidates appear below in alphabetical order:


Miss Manya Jane Buchan, MBA 2006

Proposed by Mr Anthony Beveridge, MA 1994, MSc 1999

Seconded by Mr John Tweedsmuir Buchan, BSc 1964


Third generation Edinburgh alumna. Former member of staff (14 years), latterly as the Head of Research Policy and Planning Services. Now working in software development, serving the higher education research sector and collaborating with institutions to help them meet statutory requirements and showcase their research expertise.


Lady Joyce Ethel Caplan, BEd, 1967

Proposed by Professor Stephen Hillier, DSc 1992

Seconded by Mr John Clifford, MSc 1990


I have taught at Edinburgh University for 30 years yet being part of the Business Committee has given me a new perspective. We are able to help strengthen University’s reputation both internally and in the wider community. I am seeking re-election as I have gained experience, which can be useful.

Lady Joyce Caplan

Miss Ann Catherine Cormack, MA 1984

Proposed by Colonel Mark Andrew Frederick Vincent, BSc 1981

Seconded by Mrs Janice Katharine Vincent, LLB 1982


I bring experience including:

  • leadership and change management from a 30 year+ international business career, from marketing, communications and strategy to Global Executive Head of HR.
  • Ann Cormack
    knowledge of good governance and impactful championing from serving as Non-Executive Director at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and Chatham House.

Dr Mary Gunn, LLM 2014

Proposed by Mr John Donald Macdonald, BSc 1990

Seconded by Miss Eleanor Cauvain, MA 2021


I am passionate about the prosperity of the University as demonstrated from my 5 years' service as the President of Alumni SE Asia and in the Insights Programme. I have had 20 years of governance experience in higher education starting from serving on the Business Committee of Brown University.

Mary Gunn

Dr Melissa Highton, MSc 2002

Proposed by Professor Emma Hart, MSc 1995, PhD, 2002

Seconded by Miss Christine Wilson, MA 1998


I will offer the Committee my experience and expertise in equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), IT and digital, and global market reach. When elected, I hope to raise questions on matters affecting the prosperity of the University, particularly in relation to digital strategy and equality issues.

Melissa Highton

Dr David James Robert Houston, PhD 1976, MBA 1987

Proposed by Ms Krystyna Irena Szumelukowa, MPhil 2006

Seconded by Dr William Duncan, BSc 1972, PhD 1977


Originally a mathematical physicist, I forged a successful career in general management and consultancy. This fine University is leading the world with its Futures Institute, Data-Driven Innovation and an exciting City Region Deal. Let me help the Business Committee deal with these challenging new areas and others on your behalf.

David Houston

Mr Alejandro Gustavo Fernandez Jullian, LLM 2017

Proposed by Dr Javier Hernandez Aracena, PhD 2014

Seconded by Mr Josef Thanit Budde, MA 2016, MSc 2017


I could contribute to the Business Committee by bringing my extensive experience in higher education and university governance, focusing on academic, public and international affairs. It would be an honour to serve the University, the students and its extended community, especially its Latin American one, in this important governing body.

Alejandro Fernandez Jullian

Mr Victor Leopoldo Vazquez Orellana, MBA 2000

Proposed by Mr Victor Leopoldo Vazquez Orellana, MBA 2000

Seconded by Mr Arron Ashton, BSc 2013


Hospitality professional with background in finance, development, feasability, brand and operations. Lived and worked in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Worked with five of the largest and most recognized global lodging companies. Recently joined a start up dedicated to integrating hospitality with sustainable farming and agrotourism.

Victor Vazquez Orellana

Mr Magnus Peter Robert Willis, MA 1992

Proposed by Dr Mary Elizabeth Glasser, BSc 1992

Seconded by Mr Andrew Leon, BCom 1997


I have so much to offer! I set up and sold an 80-person digital insight and strategy consultancy. Before that I was a brand strategist in advertising. So I can help with issues relating to the EU business overall, plus specifics of brand strategy, marketing, communications, consumer research and digital.

Magnus Willis