Accessing EBIS Online - Reporting

Nominated Users can access EBIS online to create and view reports.

Accessing EBIS Online for Reporting (Legacy Data)

Users in Estates can still login to EBIS Online to view Reports in order to gather historical information before People & Money went live in August 2022 for any Purchase Orders for both Goods and Contracts and Invoices previously paid in Archibus.

This information is available to Users via the following reports:

Accessing EBIS Online for General Reports (Open Access)

The following General reports are available to Users in Estates which is real time Live data.

Building Postcodes – Provides a list of all 'Active Buildings' including: Building Code, Address, Post Code, Work Team responsible for the maintenance of the building. It also flags if the building is Rechargable.

Contacts List – Provides a list of contact details for nominated Space and Faults Users set up with access to Web Central.

Building Occupants & Building Occupants By School  – Provides useful space information for buildings occupied by College/ School/ Subject Area showing room area and % usage.

Accessing EBIS Online for Drawings

As of November 2023, floor plans are no longer accessible for viewing however the Room Information for the Building and Floor is still available which provides real time data. This information is maintained by the Senior Space Manager.

The fields available are Room Code, Room Name, Room Category, Room Type, Room Standard, Room Area, Subject Area, School and College

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