Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Digital Citizenship

The University is committed to fostering safe and inclusive spaces both across campus and online. 

Unfortunately, the internet was not created with equality, diversity and inclusion in mind.  We all have to actively promote these values and protect vulnerable members of our diverse and international community.  Watch the video below, "Making the Internet a Safer Place" for an introduction to the concept of cyber hate and how you can do your part to make our online community safter for everyone.


Video: Making the Internet a Safer Place
Making the internet a safer place

What is digital citizenship?

As a member of the University of Edinburgh community, it’s your social responsibility to be a good digital citizen, which means treating others with dignity and respect in both physical and virtual spaces

Why is digital citizenship important?

The University of Edinburgh is an international community that prides itself on our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Understanding misconduct

The University has a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of harassment or bullying, including online misconduct

Online Etiquette and Expectations for Engagement

You will use multiple online and digital communication technologies throughout your studies

Finding out more

Helpful resources to take you through what it means to be a good digital citizen