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Find out what digital safety and citizenship-centred events are happening online, on campus and near you.

Digital Skills and Training Workshops and Events

The following workshops and events are hosted by the University's Digital Skills and Training team. Find more information on these sessions below and book through the MyEd Event Booking system (UoE login required for bookings).

Digital Safety and Citizenship

Open to all staff and students with limited confidence in their knowledge of digital safety, this one-hour webinar introduces the concepts of digital safety, citizenship, footprint and wellbeing, as well as the importance of each within higher education. This session serves as a companion to the Digital Safety and Citizenship web hub, the Digital Safety and Information Security workshops offered in the Digital Skills Programme and the Information Security Essentials course. Students should enroll via the Event Booking link below while staff should can find the course through the People and Money Learning App.

Digital Safety and Citizenship

Digital Safety: Lessons from Netflix

Digital safety is such an integral part of everyday life that it’s constantly spotlighted in popular culture. This one-hour webinar takes a look at what lessons we can learn about how to stay safe online and be a good digital citizen from films and television shows readily available on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Through clips from media such as Netflix’s You (2018-present), Chef (2014), Unfriended (2014), Black Mirror (2014-present), Clickbait (2021) and the Shudder original feature Host (2020), we’ll take a deep dive into the importance of curating a positive digital footprint, best practice for social media and how to secure online meetings. Students should enroll via the Event Booking link below while staff can find the course through the People and Money Learning App.

Digital Safety: Lessons from Netflix

Information Security Workshops

The University's Information Security team frequently host awareness sessions open to all students and staff. All sessions last one hour and can be booked through the University's Event Booking website. You can find the complete schedule, including workshop descriptions and dates, at the link below.

Information Security Awareness Sessions Schedule

External Events

Watch this space for online and in-person events hosted by external organisations around Scotland. Find information about what's happening in and around your area below. 


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