Making a difference: Impact from our research

We are committed to impact, public engagement and knowledge mobilisation through our research and through continuing learning and development for a diverse range of professional stakeholders. We work closely with with organisations, governments, institutions and civil society at international, national and local levels. We contribute to equitable, sustainable and socially responsible developments in education, health and wellbeing.

Inequalities and school curriculum: Informing policy on widening access to higher education and promoting social mobility

Photo of students studying
Research carried out by an international team of researchers led by Professor Iannelli provided new knowledge on the role of the school curriculum in widening access to higher education and promoting social mobility, which informed the work of the Commission on Widening Access (COWA) and the Scottish Government’s strategy to address the issue of subject choice in secondary schools.

Improving learning for higher education students

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Researchers from the Institute for Academic Development and the Moray House School of Education and Sport do internationally recognised work to understand how students learn in higher education and how we can collaborate with them to create the best possible learning experiences.

Championing race and linguistic equality in Scotland’s schools

Photograph showing teacher and two pupils
Analysing racial and linguistic understanding among teachers, researchers have promoted diversity in the profession and had a pronounced impact on policy, teaching practice and professional standards.

Applying sports science to enhance motor sport performance

Motor Sports
Improving the understanding of sports science can enhance the preparation and competitive behaviour of young race and rally drivers across the world

Digitising exams – enhancing accessibility for pupils with additional support needs

digital exams
Using assistive and communication technology to assist pupils with additional needs, CALL Scotland improved inclusivity in schools’ national assessments.

Enabling notification of visual impairment in Scotland

Visual Impairment Scotland
Research on childhood visual impairment has resulted in a national registration system in both Scotland and Australia

Football Fans in Training – walking towards increased physical activity

Professor Nanette Mutrie and colleagues have created a walking programme that has led to increased levels of physical activity among male football fans

Higher education in Scotland, the devolution settlement and the referendum on independence

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This research has made a major contribution to the debate on Higher Education policy during a period of extensive constitutional change for Scotland and the rest of the UK

How parents can support their child’s learning in a digital world

Child's learning (thumbnail)
The BBC invited researchers to develop parent-friendly suggestions to improve children’s learning from and enjoyment of CBeebies online games.

Improving behaviour in Scottish schools

Gillean McCluskey
Research into behaviour management in schools has influenced government policy and led to lower levels of exclusion from schools.

Innovating in Digital and Open Education

Mariner's compass and solar system
Digital Education experts have transformed online, distance learning within and beyond the University of Edinburgh, creating vibrant networks of learners around the world

Outdoor learning and policy development in Scotland

This research has embedded outdoor learning in Scottish national education policy and underpinned the training of 1,800 teachers in Scotland, Europe and other countries.

Philosophy in Prisons: Developing Critical Thinking and a Community of Inquiry

Graphic brain
Using the critical thinking skills enhanced by studying philosophy, the researchers developed the critical reasoning and interpersonal skills of prisoners

Supporting children’s transition and facilitating inclusive education

Smiling boy in wheelchair
Developing holistic approaches to supporting the transition of children with special needs into mainstream schools

Teacher Agency for Inclusion and Social Justice

A distinctive approach to teaching and learning that supports the participation and achievements of diverse groups of students in classrooms and schools

Transforming learning in early mathematics

Exploring the processes of hands-on learning, this research has led to the development of an innovative digital start-up to engage young children in mathematics.

Understanding the Value of Universal Youth Work

Youth work
Research demonstrating the educational, personal, and social benefits of universal youth work has emphasised its role in improving the community-based learning and development of young people beyond school education