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Programme structure

Information about the study options and structure of the MSc Social Justice and Community Action.

The MSc in Social Justice and Community Action is an online and part-time programme.

You can study towards a Postgraduate Certificate over 1-2 years, a Postgraduate Diploma over 2-4 years, or you can choose to complete the full Masters (MSc) programme over 2-6 years.

We recommend that you study for a Postgraduate Certificate over 12 months, a Postgraduate Diploma over 24 months, or the full Masters (MSc) programme over 36 months. However, the flexibility of this programme means you can study at a pace that suits you best.


Postgraduate Certificate

Students must complete all three of the following courses to be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits).

Compulsory courses Credits
Theories and Politics of Social Justice 20
Community Action and Social Justice 20
Policy Analysis for Social Justice 20

Postgraduate Diploma

To exit with a Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits), students must complete all of the above courses plus, if they want to progress to the MSc, one additional compulsory course in research methods. In consultation with the programme director, students will also choose from a range of option courses in order to complete 120 credits.

Compulsory Course Credits
Activist Social Research 20

Plus 2 option courses (20 Credits each).

Option courses
Option courses Credits
Learning for Democracy 20
Organisational Management for Social Justice 20

Students can also choose one 20 credit option from another University of Edinburgh online distance learning programme. This includes:

Options from another online distance learning programme Credits
Digital Education in a Global Context 20
Politics and Theories of International Development 20
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations 20
Health Inequalities and the Social Determinants of Health 20

Masters (MSc)

For Masters Credits
Dissertation or Applied Research Project 60

Students are required to complete a dissertation or an applied research project to be awarded the MSc (180 credits).

In order to progress to the dissertation stage of the Masters programme, students must pass all taught courses for the Certificate and Diploma in line with the University’s postgraduate teaching regulations.

Time commitment

For each 20-credit course, you can expect 24 hours of lecturer contact time. Each course requires a time commitment from you of approximately 15-17 hours a week. This commitment is likely to increase around the time of assignment completion.



MSc Social Justice and Community Action Hub

MSc Social Justice and Community Action Hub