School of Economics

Monitoring and evaluation

How course and programme monitoring is done, school-specific forms, and the importance of staff-student liaison committees.

Credit bearing courses offered by the School are monitored annually.

Auditing of particular courses is the responsibility of Course Coordinators. A course monitoring report is prepared for each course using the College course monitoring form.

This report is based on information from:

  • the end-of-course questionnaire
  • course related issues from the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings
  • observations from the course teaching staff
  • informal feedback received during the course
  • student performance measures, such as pass rates and the distribution of marks
  • comments from external examiners

These forms are reviewed annually by the Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement, the appropriate Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programme Director, and the Head of School.


The School of Economics uses the template undergraduate and postgraduate course monitoring forms produced by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

College course and programme monitoring forms

Staff-Student Liaison Committee

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) are held separately. Comments are received from Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA)-trained class representatives concerning the student experience of the delivery of each course. The Undergraduate SSLC meets once per semester. The Postgraduate SSLC meets three times per year.

At Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings academic staff comment on student responses to teaching and possible actions that may be taken to address student concerns. These discussions are recorded in the SSLC minutes.