What have we researched before?

Research on coronavirus (COVID-19) is new and it will be some time before your information can be used in our research. Until then, take a look at some of our other work.

Massive collaboration leads to new findings on global disease burden

computer keyboard with globe
Recent study, conducted by Prof. Jim Wilson, sheds light on global disease burden.

People choose partners with a similar life expectancy

Couple holding hands on beach with sea in the background
A 2019 study, led by Prof Albert Tenesa, found that people unknowingly choose partners with similar illnesses and life expectancies.

Scottish genetic landscape echoes the DNA of past kingdoms

Valley view below the mountains of glencoe
New study finds that the genetics of people across Scotland today still has similarities to distant ancestors.

Researchers discover genetic link to red hair

Man in the street looking at his phone
According to the largest ever study on hair genetics, at least 8 genes are involved in determining whether or not someone has red hair.

DNA can help predict life expectancy

DNA floating in a persons hands
According to a new study, conducted by University of Edinburgh researchers, DNA can help predict life expectancy.

Family history of illness not always caused by genetics

Family made of paper in a persons hands, background of more paper families
A study, led by Profs Albert Tenesa and Chris Haley, finds that lifestyle can also travel through the family and affect a person's chances of getting ill.