Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

About us

The Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies (CCLAS) aims to foster research collaborations between The University of Edinburgh and universities, institutions and organisations in the public and private sectors throughout Latin America.

CCLAS was established in 2014 with funding from Santander Bank, seeking to strengthen knowledge networks, as well as cultural, social and institutional ties between the UK and Latin America.

The Centre aims to foster activities rooted on: cultural exchange and understanding of the Latin America region, through increasing international experiences and scholarship as well as through hosting key events; promoting and supporting research; and facilitating knowledge exchange and enterprise.

At the core of CCLAS's interests lies its commitment to the University’s vibrant community of students and researchers from Latin America, promoting educational, cultural and economic ties between Scotland and Latin America, and supporting mobility of students and researchers between them.

Building on the University of Edinburgh’s long-standing mission and success in collaborating and supporting the public and private sectors, the Centre promotes the inception and development of new outlets for knowledge, including knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer activities.

In so doing, the Centre’s mission is to unify the efforts that make Edinburgh, one of the world-leading Universities in the advanced study of Contemporary Latin America, in areas as diverse as anthropology, law, business, political science, architecture, history, art, literature, engineering, geoscience, biological sciences, and psychology.

Enquiries about the Centre can be directed to CCLAS@ed.ac.uk.

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