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06 Mar 20. Featured Paper

DNA methylation & brain structure & function across the life course: a systematic review.

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Emily N.W.Wheater, David Q.Stoye, Simon R.Cox, Joanna M.Wardlaw, Amanda J.Drake, Mark E.Bastin, James P.Boardman



MRI has enhanced our capacity to understand variations in brain structure & function conferred by the genome.

We identified 60 studies that report associations between DNA methylation (DNAm) & human brain structure/function.

Forty-three studies measured candidate loci DNAm; seventeen measured epigenome-wide DNAm.

MRI features included region-of-interest & whole-brain structural, diffusion & functional imaging features.

The studies report DNAm-MRI associations for: neurodevelopment & neurodevelopmental disorders; major depression & suicidality; alcohol use disorder; schizophrenia & psychosis; ageing, stroke, ataxia & neurodegeneration; post-traumatic stress disorder; & socio-emotional processing.

Consistency between MRI features & differential DNAm is modest.

Sources of bias: variable inclusion of comparator groups; different surrogate tissues used; variation in DNAm measurement methods; lack of control for genotype & cell-type composition; & variations in image processing.

Knowledge of MRI features associated with differential DNAm may improve understanding of the role of DNAm in brain health & disease, but caution is required because conventions for linking DNAm & MRI data are not established, & clinical & methodological heterogeneity in existing literature is substantial.