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Recognition for SVD Research publication in the field of radiology.

2nd December 2020

A recent bibliometric analysis on the most cited meta-analyses of diagnostic studies ranked SVD Research publication titled "Carotid artery stenosis: accuracy of noninvasive tests-individual patient data meta-analysis" from 2009 as  53rd as in the whole field of radiology.

The first author, Dr Francesca Chappell explains the purpose of the paper and the implications of the findings:

We were assessing the accuracy of ultrasound, CT, and MRI in the diagnosis of carotid stenosis – a major risk factor for recurrent stroke in people who have had a recent transient ischaemic attack or minor stroke. Timing is of the essence in treating carotid stenosis, but the availability of ultrasound, CT, and MRI varies hugely. Our paper helps clinicians decide which imaging to use.

Dr Francesca ChappellFirst author


Publication links

Yaxley, KL et al. The 100 top-cited meta-analyses of diagnostic accuracy in radiology journals: a bibliometric analysis. Insights into Imaging. 11 (1) 2020.

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Chappell FM, Wardlaw JM, Young GR, Gillard JH, Roditi GH, Yip B, et al. Carotid artery stenosis: accuracy of noninvasive tests--individual patient data meta-analysis. Radiology. 2009;251(2):493-502.

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