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Taking Part in Research

Everyone can contribute to research into neurodegenerative diseases regardless of their current health.

Research can involve various different activities from filling in questionnaires, to memory and thinking tests, to health checks and brain scans. Every research study is different and everyone has the opportunity to decide what study is right for them. To find out what research can be like watch the video below. 

If you are interested in taking part in a research study you can contact Edinburgh Dementia Prevention directly using the "contact us" option, you can read about our ongoing studies in the "our research" section for specific studies you might be interested in, or you can register for the Scottish Brain Health Register. When you register on SBHR you will be contacted about future research opportunities at Edinburgh Dementia Prevention.

Scottish Brain Health Register


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The Scottish Brain Health Register (SBHR) connects people with researchers across Scotland to help them investigate aspects of brain health, which includes the diagnosis, treatment and care for different conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

SBHR is open to everyone, and everyone is suitable for research.


Join the Scottish Brain Health Register 



What is it like to take part in research?