Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Neurodevelopmental conditions & neurodiversity

We study conditions of preterm, infancy and childhood that are caused by neurodevelopmental abnormalities.

Investigation into neurodevelopmental conditions & neurodiversity at CCBS spans basic research on cellular and molecular mechanisms, disease modelling using in vivo and human stem cell-based models, neuroimaging and clinical research on epidemiology, outcome and treatment.

Researchers in discussion

Neurodevelopmental conditions and neurodiversity research is centred around three philanthropically funded Centres/Laboratories that involve researchers and disciplines from CCBS and other Centres at the University of Edinburgh.

Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities

The mission of the Patrick WIld Centre is to understand the neurological basis of these these conditions and related neurodiversity by fostering collaborations between world-class basic science and clinical research at The University of Edinburgh.

Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities


Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre

The Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre is a "centre without walls" at the University of Edinburgh founded by the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Trust. The Centre undertakes multidisciplinary research into the causes and consequences of epilepsy, translating research findings into improved patient care.

Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre  

Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory

A translational research programme to identify the triggers for preterm labour and treatments to prevent it, and to identify the mechanisms that lead to abnormal fetal or neonatal brain growth and poor outcome. The Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort (TEBC) is a  world-leading research study aiming to improve the lives of babies born too early and their families.

Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory

Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort

Principal Investigator: Prof James Boardman (MRC CRH and CCBS)

Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre

The Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre undertakes research to improve the lives of children with learning difficulties and their families. The Centre was founded by Alastair Salvesen and Scottish learning difficulties charity, The Salvesen Mindroom Centre.

Director: Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson

Senior Research Fellow: Dr Sinead Rhodes 

Senior Clinical Research Fellow: Dr Rachael Wood