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Male contraceptive coverage in The Times

Research into male contraception is led by the CRH’s Professor Anderson and Dr Reynolds-Wright.

It is hoped that the creation of a male pill will offer an additional option of contraception to couples.

This expert commentary in The Times (09.10.22) from Professor Richard Anderson discusses the future of male contraception. 

Learn more about the research, and the experience of a case study couple who are taking part in this clinical trial.

Men, would you try the contraceptive that lowers your sperm count?


The trial participants use a rub-on gel, which is made of a combination of testosterone (the male sex hormone) and Nesterone (synthetic progesterone, a hormone involved in sperm production amongst a plethora of other functions). The gel works by ‘turning off’ the part of the brain that instructs the testicles to make sperm.