Climate 75

All of our Climate 75 are alumni from the University of Edinburgh who are making an impact and contributing to positive change.

The list isn't exhaustive. There is no ranking of our 75 individuals, and our definition of climate change impact is broad and all-encompassing. Instead, it is a snapshot in time that explores different kinds of impact, action, and influence. There are scientists, journalists, researchers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs and everything in-between. Some of our Climate 75 are pushing the boundaries of technology, whilst other are working directly with the communities most impacted by our changing climate. We highlight established figures alongside emerging voices. Those who are forging new paths alongside those working within established systems. By sharing these fragments of a much bigger picture we hope to inspire and hopefully motivate. There is no single solution but millions of different ones which, when pieced together, give us hope for a better future.

So, let's start with 75 and we can take it from there.

Innovation category of Climate 75

Meet our founders and our entrepreneurs. Our Innovation category features visionary alumni who are creating new spaces by integrating technology, research and the experiences of those directly impacted by our changing climate. They are creating our future.

Read Climate 75: Innovation.

Meet the alumni who are working to inform, to challenge and to educate. From policy and advocacy, to activism and agenda setting, our Awareness category is filled with individuals who push beyond echo chambers and who work with and through others to achieve lasting impact.

Read Climate 75: Awareness.

Understanding category of Climate 75

Meet our academics, our researchers, our consultants and our place makers. Individuals who make sense of the complex and help us consider our alternatives. Our Understanding category contains individuals who will take us where we need to go.

Read Climate 75: Understanding.

Why 75?

In October 2021, just ahead of the COP26 UN Climate conference in Glasgow, three-quarters (75%) of adults in Great Britain said they were worried about the impact of climate change, according to the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS’) Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN). 

About the artist

Melanie Grandidge is a freelance illustrator from Lancashire, currently based in Edinburgh. 

With bright painterly marks and a loose expressive line, her illustrations are positive and light-hearted, in the aim of putting a smile on people’s faces. Melanie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh with a BA (Hons) in Illustration in 2020. As someone who is passionate about sustainability, she feels honoured to represent such an inspiring list of successful alumni with her illustrations.

Where next?

Further information about Climate Change action, research, teaching and community at the University of Edinburgh.

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