Biomedical Sciences

Student blog: Samantha

Samantha tells us why she chose to study Neuroscience at the University.


My name is Samantha, and I am a Second Year Biomedical Sciences student specialising in Neuroscience for my Third and Fourth year. I chose to study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh because of the opportunity to take my passions and interests for Neuroscience into my own research and develop critical skills for the future. As well as this, Edinburgh is involved in world leading research which I aspire to be a part of.

During my time at university so far, I have enjoyed the wide variety of content and knowledge I have learned. There is a lot of flexibility to choose what courses to take and the opportunity to learn and improve through different learning styles. The lecturers and staff are so helpful and easily approachable about any questions or queries.

I have also enjoyed the range of societies and sports clubs that you can join. I joined the Kickboxing Club, and it has been a great experience.  Very friendly and a fun atmosphere with great people. This was also an opportunity to meet new people throughout restrictions with classes taken outside. To add, there is a wide range of student study spaces within Central Campus. My favourite is Potterrow dome, run by students with a café and twinkling lights making it a very welcoming atmosphere. These student spaces these places are great for studying and meeting up with friends.

Studying at the University during a pandemic was an intimidating thought to start, although it has been a rewarding experience. Having recorded lectures gave me the opportunity to take my time and understand material. I also feel everyone involved made the most out of the situation, giving help wherever possible and there is still engagement with fellow students within the course through academic families, clubs, and societies. I feel I have not missed out on opportunities or feel distant from the University. Although it will not be the same as in person experience, I feel it has been a new, exciting, and morale was always high, even during tough times.