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MSc Leading Major Programmes

This programme will equip you with the formative knowledge and skills required by successful leaders of major programmes. It will cover all the basics for programme management and provide fundamental insights into the political and relationship management capabilities that are essential for Chairs, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, client sponsors and supply chain leadership teams to navigate risks in a major programme context. It will also provide coaching and mentoring in personal resilience to help you cope with uncertainty and change.

Full details about this programme are available from the School of Engineering

MSc Signal Processing and Communications

Signal processing and communications provide the theoretical foundations for any application which generates, processes, transmits or stores any type of signal. Practical examples include computers and smart phones, autonomous vehicles, human-computer interfaces (HCI), medical images and digital cameras. This programme is one of several in Europe which has a curriculum that covers both signal processing and communications, with a strong emphasis on machine learning techniques. The key strength of our programme is that we place an emphasis on fundamental concepts and how they relate to recent advances in both disciplines. We also use real-world system examples to demonstrate their practical application.

Full details are available from the School of Engineering