Airborne Research and Innovation

Meteorogical Systems

Fitted to the ECO-Dimona crewed aircraft, our highly customised meteorologocal system is able to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, 3D wind and turbulent fluxes of energy, moisture and carbon doixide.

At this time we are only routinely operating meteorological systems on the ECO-Dimona manned aircraft. There is however potential to run similar system on our larger UAS platforms in the future.

The ECO-Dimona systems have undergone significant in-house modification and specialisation as part of the integration process. Installed systems include:

Humidity System

Modified Meteolabor TP3-ST dewpoint and Viasala HMP45C relative humidity sensors form the core of a dedicated humidity sensing system.

Licor Li7500 IRGA

A Licor Li7500 IRGA provides fast response (20Hz) carbon dioxide and humidity measurement.

Best Air Turbulence (BAT) Probe

The BAT probe allows high frequency turbulence and 3D wind measurement.

Fast Ultra-Sensitive Temperature (FUST) Probe

A fine wire copper-constantan thermocouple probe provides fast response temperature sensing.

Logging Systems

Logging and sensor interfaces for the MET system are provided by dedicated loggers, including an AEC 6612 Rev B computer and CSI CR1000 and CR3000 data-loggers.

PAR Sensors

Licor Li-190 quantum sensors measure up-welling and down-welling PAR.