Airborne Research and Innovation

Laser Range Finders

We have a range of laser rangefinders and altimeters for use on both manned an unmanned aircraft. These can be used both for flight guidance, and for the generation of point clouds or transects of the surface below.

Lightware SF10Cand SF11C Laser Altimeters

The SF10C and SF11C altimeters are lightweight short range (100-120m) laser altimeters which can be used on our Arducopter-based UAS. They improve hovering and landing accuracy and the logged values may be retrieved for post flight data analysis.

Riegl LD90-3300HR Laser Altimeter (ECO-Dimona)

The LD90 laser altimeter is used on the ECO-Dimona as part of the Navigation-Alignment System (NAS) to provide height above surface for real time crew information and for post flight data analysis.