Airborne Research and Innovation

Core Systems (ECO-Dimona)

We have installed a range of supporting infrastructure on the ECO-Dimona, known collectively as the Central Services Module (CSM) and the Navigation - Alignment System (NAS).

The Central Services Module (CSM) has a number of functions essential to the on-board scientific systems, including power distribution, networking and signal distribution, a human-machine interface, system monitoring, logging and control functions, and air sample distribution. The CSM has been designed to provide as much flexibility as possible and is intended to support all current and future payloads, for the foreseeable future at least.

The Navigation-Alignment System (NAS) provides navigation, orientation, height above surface and attitude data to a number of systems, including the hyperspectral imaging system, camera system, and meteorological system. It is mounted in Pod 1 (left hand side) and provides attachments for the co-aligned optical sensors.


Central Services Module (CSM)

A front science panel in an ECO-Dimona aircraft cockpit
The CSM provides essential support infrastructure to all on-board measuring systems.

Navigation-Alignment System (NAS)

The equipment interior of an underwing pod for an airplane
The NAS provides navigational and attitude data for the on-board measuring systems.