Mission and governance

University regulations

The University has a range of policies, regulations and guidelines to govern its practice.

Codes of practice, guidelines and regulations

Academic Services publish a range of codes of practice, guidelines and regulations.

Academic regulations

Assessment regulations for undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students.

Codes of practice

Codes of practice for taught and research postgraduates, external examiners and tutoring and demonstrating.

Codes of practice


The University develops various academic policies as part of its regulatory framework.

Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study

Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS) provides information on the programmes of study offered by the University.

It sets out the regulatory framework and the regulations and codes that govern the general context of a student's academic career at the University.

Information on quality and standards

Policies, information and guidance relating to quality assurance and enhancement, including alignment with external requirements and institutional review

Information on quality and standards

Publication Scheme

The Publication Scheme lists information that the University routinely makes available.