Site license agreement

Minitab is a popular statistical analysis package for scientific applications, in particular for design and analysis of experiments, time series, charts and plots.

Software Services administer an annually renewed site license for the university. Perpetual licenses with downloads from the Minitab site can also be ordered via Software Services.

The site license renews on 1st July. All annual codes expire on 1st July.

Annual or Perpetual license?

Annual licenses
Need to be renewed each year and the installed software license file needs to be updated. Upgrades and support are included in the annual fee.
Perpetual licenses
Does not need to be renewed each year. The software will continue to function as long as the operating system remains compatible. It does not include upgrades.

Minitab for Schools and other university units

Details of minitab licenses and how to order them for university units

Minitab for schools and other university units

Home use Minitab for staff and students

Details of home/personal use options for Staff and Students

Minitab for Staff and Students

Installing site license Minitab

Details for getting Minitab installed on your computer.

Installing Minitab at the university

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