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New book: Concepts of Epidemiology. Third Edition.

Integrating the ideas, theories, principles, and methods of epidemiology. By Prof Raj S. Bhopal. Oxford University Press.

Concepts of Epidemiology Book Cover
  • Extensive overview of the concepts of epidemiology provides a coherent analysis of the field.
  • Theoretical and practical examples written in an engaging and accessible style.
  • Up to date research in the area of public health practice, including health care policy and planning, with examples applicable to global issues in the field.
  • Exercises with answers at the end of each chapter enhance effective learning.
  • Richly illustrated with detailed figures and tables to provide a comprehensive and clear understanding of the concepts.

New to this Edition

  • The use of exemplars, highlighted in panels, to illustrate the concepts and methods under consideration in every chapter.
  • Much more emphasis on causality, and an introduction to the language and approaches of causal graphs Introduction to the language (including an expanded glossary) and approaches of the directed acyclic graph (DAG), translating the technical terms into more familiar epidemiological words and phrases (with an exemplar).
  • Expansion of previously introductory material on how new genetic technologies are changing epidemiology, with special emphasis on the Mendelian randomisation study (with an exemplar).
  • Fuller consideration of the technical, ethical, conceptual and practical epidemiological issues arising from computerised linkage of records (with exemplars).
  • A deeper consideration of the way one moves from data to information and intelligence through systematic analysis and interpretation especially in the context of the potential for extremely large studies on tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people.

£32.99 | Paperback | September 2016 | ISBN: 9780198739685

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