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An introduction to the project: the vision, the team, our history, our protocol, funders and partners.

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Video: What is EAVE II?
A video briefly introducing the EAVE II project. Sound and subtitles are available.

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An Introduction to EAVE II

Using patient data to track the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine effectiveness across Scotland.

The History of EAVE II

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EAVE began as a study on pandemic swine flu in Scotland, quickly adapting to become EAVE II for analysing and monitoring COVID-19.

EAVE II data

The EAVE II cohort is being used to track COVID-19 across Scotland, to identify those at highest risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes and investigate vaccine effectiveness and safety. It is therefore an essential resource in Scotland’s response to the pandemic.

Code List Library

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Look-up resource for codes as used in the EAVE II project.

Funders and Partners

This work is funded by the Medical Research Council, led by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with University of Strathclyde, Public Health Scotland, West of Scotland Specialist Virology Centre and University of Aberdeen.