Transport & Parking

Policies, plans and reports

Transport policies, plans and reports.

Integrated Transport Plan (2017-21)

The Integrated Transport Plan sets out how The University of Edinburgh will achieve its vision that by 2021 our students, staff and visitors will be able to access our Estate by the mode of transport best suited to their needs.

The Plan supports the University’s strategic objective of leadership in learning through facilitating equitable access to a variety of affordable transport options designed to enhance the student and staff experience.  It supports our Equality and Diversity Strategy by committing to the delivery of actions that will improve access for all. It supports our Estates Vision and recognises that our dispersed teaching and research estate, together with the likelihood that new student residences will be more geographically spread across the city as the University grows, will present significant transportation challenges for our students and staff. The University also recognises that transport makes a significant contribution to our carbon footprint and local air quality.

University Vehicle Policy

This policy aims to reduce legal, health and safety and financial liability and to control costs of managing University vehicles. The objective is to provide a framework for management of all vehicles used within the University, whether owned or leased and whether procured with Funding/Research Council or any other funds.

University Vehicle and Driver Handbook

The Vehicle and Driver Handbook is primarily intended to ensure that all persons using University vehicles are aware of their legal obligations, the rules governing use of University vehicles and their responsibility towards other road users.

Travel surveys

The University carries out a staff and student travel surveys to monitor and evaluate our Travel Plans and policies.

Travel Plans

The University is committed to the development and implementation of site specific travel plans which support and encourage the use of non-car modes of transport. Here are some previous Travel Plans for our campuses.