Transport & Parking

Policies, plans and reports

University of Edinburgh transport policies, plans, and reports.

Integrated Transport Plan (2023-30)

The Integrated Transport Plan set out how The University of Edinburgh will improve connectivity to and between our campuses and residencies with the intent of increasing the proportion of students and staff using sustainable transport options.

Sustainable Travel Policy

We work closely with the Social Responsibility & Sustainability department. They manage the University's Sustainable Travel Policy, which covers business travel.

Sustainable Travel Policy

University Parking Regulations

These terms and conditions govern the use of University-controlled car parks.

University Vehicle Policy

This policy aims to reduce legal, health and safety and financial liability and to control costs of managing University vehicles. The objective is to provide a framework for management of all vehicles used within the University, whether owned or leased and whether procured with Funding/Research Council or any other funds.

University Vehicle and Driver Handbook

The Vehicle and Driver Handbook is primarily intended to ensure that all persons using University vehicles are aware of their legal obligations, the rules governing use of University vehicles and their responsibility towards other road users.

Travel surveys

The University regularly carries out a staff and student travel survey to monitor and evaluate our travel planning activities and policies, and to calculate an estimate of the carbon emissions associated with commuting. The reports below give the results of these surveys.