Wild Peffermill

We're turning the University's playing fields at Peffermill into a wildlife haven, and you're invited to be part of it.

Student athletes with a wheelbarrow at Peffermill Playing Fields with Arthurs Seat in the background
Student athletes celebrating the launch of Wild Peffermill by planting trees.

What's happening: 

In 2024 the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability will be working with Sport & Exercise to support nature and biodiversity at Peffermill playing fields, setting the stage for our Wild Campus vision.

A habitat makeover

We're identifying spots to protect, enhance, restore, and even create new natural habitats. Our grounds maintenance team are adopting new practices that will make Peffermill a nature-friendly zone. Over the next year we’ve committed to: 

  • Over 25,000m2 non-pitch amenity grassland areas will be transformed into wildflower meadows and grasslands in 2024.  

  • Woodland areas will be brought under active management to improve their health and develop understory habitat (trees and shrubs growing between tree canopy and the forest floor).  

  • Hedgerows will be left to grow between cutting cycles and edge habitats will develop where there is space at the site boundary.  

  • Non-native invasive plant species will be removed along the Braid Burn and trees will be planted to improve the riparian habitat (plant habitats occurring next to rivers and streams). 

In March 2024, student athletes and Sport & Exercise staff gathered for a special "Big Dig" event to launch Wild Peffermill.

Wild Peffermill: Sowing the seeds for a nature positive future

Join the fun

We're not doing this alone! We want you – our community of staff and students – to get involved and enjoy the benefits of learning about the nature at Peffermill and across the rest of our campus.

If you want to get involved with volunteering at Wild Peffermill, get in touch via the link below. We'll connect you with societies and planned events so that you can play a role this exciting project.

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