Clinical Surgery

Dr Katie Shaw

Dr Catherine Shaw is the Research Manager in the Department of Clinical Surgery at The University of Edinburgh. Dr Shaw is also the year 3 co-ordinator for the MSc Surgical Sciences

Dr Katie Shaw

Research Manager

  • Clinical Surgery
  • University of Edinburgh
  • RIE

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Appointments and Activities

Dr Shaw has a background in academic research having completed a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology followed by 8 years of post-doctoral research examining the effects of diesel air pollution in cardiovascular disease.

In 2015 Dr Shaw joined the department of Clinical Surgery as Research Manager and is now involved in establishing and managing clinical trials within the department as well as delivering research skills training (healthyr.surgicalinformatics) and sitting on the steering committee for the GlobalSurg Collaborative (

Dr Shaw is also the year 3 co-ordinator for the MSc in Surgical Sciences offered by the University of Edinburgh (


A list of Katie Shaws publications can be found by clicking here.