Student Disability Service

Supporting students

Information on how to help students, including the University leaflet on helping distressed students.

Guidance for supporting students with specific conditions

Guidance for staff supporting students with specific conditions such as autistic spectrum disorders, mental health issues, hearing or visual impairments, specific learning differences and AD(H)D.

Accessible placements

Guidance for staff arranging accessible work and teaching placements for disabled students.

Accessible technology

Guidance for staff on making information, activities and materials accessible and details on assistive technologies available to students and staff.

Helping distressed students

The University has produced a guide for staff who need to help distressed students.

Handling student disclosure

Information and guidance on what members of staff should do if a student discloses a disability, health condition or Specific Learning Difference (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, autistic spectrum).

Information for Access Centres

List of the rates the University of Edinburgh charges for all non-medical help used in the support of students. This information is provided to DSA-QAG and may be useful to needs assessors. It is reviewed and updated annually.

Guidance for marking exams

This guidance refers to examination scripts which carry a sticker informing markers that the student has specific learning differences.