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The imaging facility at CRM provides support for light microscopy imaging and bio-image analysis to CRM staff and external users.

The facility offers a wide range of microscopes and imaging techniques:  stereo, widefield, confocal, and lightsheet microscopes. The facility offers two dedicated high-end workstations for bio-image processing and analysis. Our facility manager, Matthieu Vermeren, can assist CRM staff and visitors with from planning a project, experimental design, sample preparation, staining, selection and use of microscopes to image processing and analysis. The imaging facility is developing dynamically to meet ever-increasing scientific requirements.

Dr Matthieu Vermeren

Imaging Facility Manager

  • Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  • Institute for Regeneration and Repair

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Access is on a pay-per-use basis, further information is available by clicking on the microscope pages below. 

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Confocal image of the hippocampus in mice
The facility offers a wide range of microscopes: stereo, widefield, confocal, and lightsheet microscopes.

Image analysis

Images are more than pretty pictures; they also contain data that can be extracted and analysed.

X-Clarity tissue clearing

X-Clarity tissue clearing allows large, intact histological samples to be rendered transparent for fluorescent labelling and microscopy.

Making scientific figures

Making scientific figures

Other imaging resources

microscope image of a zebrafish brain
Some experiments require microscopes which we don’t have but are available in other facilities in Edinburgh.

Imaging contacts

Contacts for CRM Imaging and High Content Screening.