Edinburgh Skin Network


Events past and present



February 2022

Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels – Using SnRNA-seq to Elucidate Comparative Resistance to Sea Lice in Salmonids

1st March

Craig Marshall – Legislation and Regulatory Requirement Regard Tissue Collection

Discussion section – Richard Weller, Sara Brown and Jenna Cash

29th March

Dr Denise Li – Physical characterisation of how the stratum corneum interacts with dermatological formulations

*** Easter Break ***

3rd May

Dr Andrea Caporali – Title TBC

7th June

Dr Bethany Mills – Title TBC

5th July

Dr Erola Pairo-Castineira – Red hair genetics: polygenic scores from UK Biobank SNPs


January 2021

Dr Norbert Radacsi – Artificial Skin in the Laboratory

Prof Sara Brown – Investigating Genetic Risk Mechanisms in Eczema

February 2021

Dr Richard Weller – Sun, Skin and Health

Dr Ross Dobie – Interrogating mesenchymal cell heterogeneity in skin

March 2021

Prof Wilson Poon – Skin and Goo

Dr Jenna Cash – Understanding the Mechanisms that Govern Skin Repair vs Repair Failure

April 2021

Prof Neil Carragher – Advancing Drug Discovery through Cell Based Screening Technologies

Dr Sofia Ferreira Gonzalez - Cellular Senescence in Skin

May 2021

Dr Michael Crichton -

Dr Richard Weller – A Trial of UVA Phototherapy to Treat Mild Hypertension

June 2021

Prof Zhihong Huang (External Speaker from Dundee University) Functional Optical Coherent Tomography for Skin Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring

Dr Jenny Shelley – Dissecting the Contribution of hBD2 to the Maintenance of Skin Barrier Function

September 2021

Prof Valerie Brunton – Role of Adhesion Proteins in Skin Homeostasis and Cancer

October 2021

Dr Yi Feng – Using Zebrafish Skin as a Model System to Study Tumour Initiation

Dr Nadia Salloum – The Naked Mole Rat and its Unique Opportunities for Skin Research

November 2021

Dr Debbie Gow – Canine atopic dermatitis – research update

Dr Carole Torsney – Do skin structural and innervation changes drive post-surgical tactile pain?