Freedom of information

Make a subject access request

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to request the information the University holds about you, such as comments on examination scripts, and references.

This Act refers to you as a data subject, and the information the University holds about you is known as personal data. Your request is known as a subject access request.

This page contains information advice about the scope of requests we can answer, details of the standard fee charged, and the timeframe by which we will respond.

Request for transcripts

If you need a transcript of your academic record or official statement confirming your degree results please see the Student Administration department website.

Student Administration official documents

Scope of request

Unfortunately we cannot answer requests for all the information the University has about you, as this is too general a request for us to be able to find the information you want.

The University has over 8,000 staff spread over a large number of academic and administrative departments, most of which you will not have had any dealings with. Without more detailed information we do not know which ones to contact about your request.

Information that will help us answer your request includes:

  • The name(s) of the college, school or other area in whose records you would like us to look for information about you. You may want to think about the areas of the University with which you have had contact.
  • The type of information you are interested in, such as your student record or personnel file.
  • Your relationship with the University, such as student, member of staff, course applicant.
  • The date range of the information - for example, if you are interested in your student record, when were you a student with the University?

Verifying identity

Before we release information to you, we need to be confident of your identity, so we may ask you for additional information in order to verify it, for example a copy of your student or staff card, or passport.

Standard fee for subject access requests

The standard fee under data protection legislation for answering subject access requests is £10. When we receive your request we will write to you with details of how to pay the fee. Please note that your request will not be processed until we have received any payment that is required.


We will answer requests for personal information made under the Data Protection Act within 40 days of receiving your request, the fee and all information necessary to answer your request.

To make a subject access request

To make your request for information please contact the Records Management Section, providing your contact details and describing the information you want.

Records Management Section

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