Xinyu Lyu

Thesis title: Competition Law and the Platform Economy:Could Business Users be "Consumers" Under the Consumer Welfare Standard?


In 2022, Xinyu advanced her academic aspirations by joining the University of Edinburgh as a PhD candidate in competition law.  Before this, Xinyu commenced her legal education at Zhengzhou University, where she secured her Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Post-graduation, she honed her skills as a practicing lawyer, gaining invaluable on-the-ground experience. Her pursuit of deeper knowledge led her to Ireland's University of Limerick, where she specialized in International Commercial Law, obtaining her Master's (LLM).With insights from both Chinese and EU legal perspectives, her research centers on commercial user protection in the burgeoning realm of digital economic platforms. Xinyu’s diverse educational and professional background positions her uniquely in the evolving landscape of competition law, promising impactful contributions to digital user rights and the broader legal world.


(LLB) - Zhengzhou University

(LLM, International Commercial Law) - University of Limerick

Research summary

Central to my academic pursuits is understanding the legal governance that underpins the burgeoning digital economy. My primary focus zeroes in on the nexus between technology, economy, market dynamics, and the overarching legal frameworks. The digital domain presents unique challenges and opportunities, given its decentralized and rapidly evolving nature. It necessitates a robust legal infrastructure that can adapt and respond efficiently. The intersection of technology and economy, especially in a market context, intrigues me, as it often leads to uncharted territories in legal paradigms. In essence, my research seeks to unravel the complexities of this symbiotic relationship between digital technology and legal governance. I aim to explore how laws can be structured to foster innovation while ensuring market fairness, protecting stakeholder interests, and promoting sustainable economic growth in the digital age.

Current research interests

Emerging technologies, digital markets, data monopoly and fair competition

Past research interests

The legal status and rights of digital humans, such as virtual idols, virtual models, Vtuber, etc.

Conference details

The convenor of the Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference (EPLC) 2024