William Gillies

Honorary Fellow


  • MA (Edinburgh)
  • MA (Oxford)
  • Hon. DLitt (Ulster)
  • FSA (Scot)

Responsibilities & affiliations

Some recent external activities and appointments

  • Visiting Professor of Celtic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University 2009-10 and 2013-4
  • President, International Congress of Celtic Studies, 2003-11
  • Chairman, Board of Celtic Studies (Scotland) 2000-09
  • Chairman of Governors of Catherine McCaig's Trust 1996-2009

Areas of interest for supervision

PG supervision: many successful PhD theses ranging from the Celts in Classical times through Medieval and Early Modern language, literature and culture to the present state and future prospects of Gaelic. Recent and current supervisions include PhDs on Early Gaelic wisdom literature, Early Medieval North Atlantic settlement history, the Early Modern Fenian literature, the Highland and Gaelic Societies of London, the poetry of Sorley MacLean, inter-relationships between the Goidelic dialects, and the Gaelic of Colonsay.

Research summary

Long-standing research interests in both Scottish and Irish Gaelic language, including linguistic development and variation through the centuries; literature and literary tradition, including the practitioners and their audiences, and the interplay between written and oral medium.

Current personal projects include study and edition of the Red and Black Books of Clanranald, a revised edition of William Matheson’s The Songs of John MacCodrum, and continuing studies and editions of material from the Book of the Dean of Lismore.

Current involvement in major research projects includes Faclair na Gàidhlig (the inter-University Historical Dictionary of Scottish Gaelic), the life and work of Alexander Carmichael (University of Edinburgh), and the Gaelic work of the Linguistic Survey of Scotland (University of Edinburgh).

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  • June 2013 Sydney (Australian Celtic Conference)
  • October 2012 (with Valerie Gillies) Cambridge MA (32nd Harvard Celtic Colloquium)
  • July 2012 Edinburgh University (Duncan Bàn Conference)
  • February 2012 Universität Bonn (Rudolf Thurneysen Lecture)
  • February 2011 Edinburgh University (John Bannerman Seminar)
  • December 2010 Glasgow University (Angus Matheson Lecture)
  • September 2010 Sydney (Australian Celtic Conference)
  • April 2010 Antigonish (Inaugural Sr Margaret MacDonell Memorial Lecture)
  • March 2010 Toronto (St Michael’s College Celtic Studies Lecture)
  • June 2009 Glasgow (International Association for the Study of Irish Literature)
  • July 2008 Antigonish (St Francis Xavier University: Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 5)
  • June 2008 Edinburgh (Medieval and Renaissance Languages and Literatures)
  • July 2006 Skye (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig: Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 4)
  • July 2006 Lìonaclait, Benbecula (Alexander Carmichael: Life and Work)