Luyue Wang

Thesis title: In development


Luyue came to the University of Edinburgh in 2015. She finished her MSc degree in Comparative and General Literature in 2016 and started her PhD in Comparative Literature the same year, under the supervision of Dr Fiona Mackintosh and Dr Fabien Arribert-Narce.


Master of Science, Comparative and General Literature: University of Edinburgh, UK, 2016.

Bachelor of Arts, Hispanic Studies: Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, 2015. 

Research summary

Luyue’s doctoral research studies the influence of East Asian culture on the  visual presentation of José Juan Tablada's poetry. 

Focusing on the two key words in the poetic career of the Mexican writer José Juan Tablada (1871-1945), visual poetry and East Asian culture, her research project investigates how Japanese and Chinese visual art and literature affect the development of Tablada's method of presenting poetic texts. The investigation considers two questions: East Asian culture influences Tablada's visual poetry in what way? How does the influence evolve chronologically?

Current research interests

Visual Poetry, Word and Image, Mexican Poetry, East Asian Literature

Past research interests

Contemporary Chinese Literature

Conference details


  • The 11th Conference on East West Cross-Cultural Relations in Warsaw-Cracow-Bielsko Biala, Poland, from 9th May to 12th May 2019, themed: Dialogs in Transition: Luso-Hispanic Cultural Production and Global South Exchanges


  • The 22nd General Congress of International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) in Macau, China, from 29th July to 2nd August 2019 at the University of Macau, themed: Literature of the World and the Future of Comparative Literature.



Papers delivered


  • Japanese Prints in Tablada’s Poetry: Transposition of East Asian Visual Art into Mexican Literature  
  • Re-writing and Re-presentation of Chinese Culture: José Juan Tablada’s Visual Poem ‘Li-Po'