Ms Vicky Swann

Head of Teaching Planning

Job Description

Responsible for course scheduling, curriculum approval and quality assurance processes across the School in support of the Undergraduate Teaching Organisation and Graduate School.

Key Duties

  • Coordination of all aspects of curriculum preparation including annual definition of Degree Programme Tables and Subject Area Collections for UG and PGT.
  • Annual scheduling of all History, Classics and Archaeology UG and PGT taught courses.
  • Working with the School QA Director to support the provision of data and completion of the annual QA reports.
  • Supporting the School Academic Conduct Officer in monitoring and progressing UG and PG cases, ensuring resolutions achieved and communicated to UGTO and GSO to meet their BoE deadlines.

Committee memberships

  • School UG Studies Committee
  • School PG Studies Committee
  • School Teaching Executive GroupĀ