Vaughan Rogers

Honorary Fellow


B.A., P.G.C.E

Undergraduate teaching

  • Politics and Institutions of Contemporary France, a pre-honours introduction to French government and society. 
  • Politique Régionale, Identité Culturelle, an honours Option directly informed by my research findings.
  • Nationalisme, Fascisme, Conservatisme en France, an honours Option tracing the evolution of the French extreme Right, from the 19th century to the present day

Research summary

Vaughan Rogers' core research and teaching activities are in the area of government and politics in France.

  • sub-national government
  • public policy and the regional dimension
  • regionalism
  • Europeanization

Knowledge exchange

Vaughan's research into reform of the French health system has led to numerous invitations to contribute to the training of front-line nursing managers in France and this activity has formed the basis for an impact case study, submitted as part of the current REF evaluation exercise. His work with managers, trainees, and training officers in the French hospital service has sought to enhance their awareness of their capacity to influence the conduct of change in the profession, rather than acting simply as cogs in administrative machine, trapped between conflicting demands for increased economic efficiency and health-care quality.

As a result of his research in this sphere, he was a Visiting Professor in 2013 at the Political Studies Institute (Sciences Po) in Grenoble, as well as Guest Researcher in 2011 at the Grenoble University Hospital.

Project activity

His published work concerns regionalization trends in French rail transport, spatial planning, vocational training, environmental policy and economic development, as well as the changing position of regional languages in education and minority nationalism.

His current project concerns regionalization processes in French health care, particularly the hospital service.

He is able to provide postgraduate supervision in all of these spheres.

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