Dr Tony Turner

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology / Co-Director of Research, Knowledge Exchange & Impact


Tony Turner is a senior lecturer in exercise physiology in the Institute for Sport, Physical Education & Health Sciences (SPEHS), where he is also the co-Director of Research, Knowledge Exchange & Impact for Moray House School of Education & Sport. He teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes: BSc Applied Sport Science, MA Physical Education and MSc Strength & Conditioning; with experience as a course organiser, programme director and Exam Board Convenor. Tony is a member of the Human Performance Science research group, with applied experience as a physiologist working with performers in a range of sports, most recently in motor sport with partners ESP in the W Series programme and the FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy:

Coaching motorsport stars of the future

Undergraduate teaching

  • BSc Applied Sport Science
  • MA Physical Education

Postgraduate teaching

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised

  • Nicholas Lam - Development, validity and reliability of the mental fatigue protocol
  • Vanessa Fernandez Vidueira - Chronotypes in Adolescence: The impact of chronotypes on performance in adolescents
  • Hannah Walton - Injuries in women's rugby

Past PhD students supervised

  • Xiang (Cam) Zhao - Unilateral resistance training in adolescents
  • Andrew M Murray - Recovery in adolescent athletes
  • Daniel Astridge (MSc R) - Performance and physiological adaptations following altitude training in elite collegiate swimmers; effect of training load, sleep quality and acclimatisation
  • Stephanie Adams - Concussion in motor sport: Exploring experts' perceptions, knowledge and attitudes
  • Jacki Thow - Asymmetries in strength & power related to swimming technique
  • Matthew Pearce - Characterising time outside and physical activity of children using GPS
  • Alice Mooney (MPhil) - Hypermobility Syndromes in Paediatrics: Progressions in Assessment and Management
  • Mark Sanderson - Whole body vibration: Stimulus Characteristics and Acute Neuromuscular Responses
  • Shaun Phillips - Impact of carbohydrate supplementation on intermittent exercise performance in adolescents.
  • Danielle Bryant - Teacher stress, learned optimism and coping strategies
  • Alan MacPherson - Rhythm in Sport

Research summary

The application of physiology in sport & exercise contexts

  • motor sport physiology & performance
  • cardio-respiratory systems’ responses during exercise
  • physiology of strength & conditioning
  • physiology of Race Running
  • physiology of golf caddying
  • concussion

Current and recent research

Tony is a core member of the Human Performance Science Research Group and associate member of the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre.

Research & Knowledge Exhange funds (since 2008):

  • Research - College of AHSS Reserach & KE grant (2017), £5k.
  • Research - Moray House School of Education research seedcorn funding (2016), £1.3k.
  • Research - Principal's Career Development Scholarship with Edinburgh Global top-up (2015), ~£50k.
  • Knowledge Exchange - projects with FIA Institue Young Driver Excellence Academy is ongoing since 2011, accruing in excess of £50k in external funding.
  • Research - University of Edinburgh Development trust Innovation Initaitive grant (2013), £5k.
  • Research - Hearts Development Trust funding for MSc by Research (2012-13), £5k.
  • Research - Moray House School of Education research seedcorn funding (2012), £1k.
  • Knowledge Exchange - College of HSS Knowledge Exhange grant (2010), £2.5k.
  • Knowledge Exchange - work with Pirelli Star Driver programme (2009-2010), accrued £4.5 in external funding.
  • Research - College of HSS PhD studentship (2008), £45k.
  • Knowledge Exhange - work with Scottish Institute of Sport (2008), £27.5k.

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