Timothy Bates (BA, MA Hons, Ph.D.)



I am looking to accept a graduate student this year.

Important qualities Enjoy quantitative analysis. Able to consider both family and genetic causes. Ideally: Feels like a Biologist, a Psychologist, Sociologist, an Anthropologist, and a Philosopher.

Need for Cognition goes a long way

Google Scholar Profile

Undergraduate teaching

I teach Year 2 Core overview and methods, Year 3 Methodology, Year 4 personality, MSc Personality, and MSc Intelligence.

My office hour is 10-11 on Mondays.

Current PhD students supervised

Research summary

Genetics, Cognitive epidemiology, Cognitive potential, Personality, Group behavior, Dyslexia, Language impairment

Current research interests

My work is on human ability and personality. As such it spans positive psychology, as well as IQ and traits like optimism. I often use behavior and molecular genetic approaches to get at causality. Recent research includes. How social status amplifies IQ (WSJ article). The structure of Optimism; and of Eudaimonic well-being A GWAS for dyslexia & the phonological loop How education and learning to read (but not reading) raise IQ. Genetic links of religion and group favoritism. http://about.me/timothybates