Stuart Forbes

Director, Institute for Regeneration and Repair and Centre for Regenerative Medicine


  • Director Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  • Director UKRMP The Engineered Cell Environment Hub
  • Professor of Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine 
  • Consultant Hepatologist Scottish Liver Transplant Unit 

Current PhD students supervised

Niya Aleksieva 

Jennifer Ann Cartwright 

Hannah Esser 


Research summary

Liver stem cells and regeneration

Our research concentrates on understanding how the liver regenerates in chronic disease and how this process becomes deranged in the development of liver cancer.

Aims and areas of interest

By understanding what controls liver regeneration in chronic injury our group aims to be able to promote healthy liver regeneration and reduce the formation of liver cirrhosis and cancer. There are 3 linked programs of research:

  1. Basic biology of the hepatic progenitor cell niche. 
  2. Cell therapy for liver regeneration. 
  3. The Liver Cancer niche in cholangiocarcinoma


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